Police Corruption Essay

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Unit 3 b- Producing Creative Texts Controlled Assessment Task 4 Radio rant on Police Corruption In our times, the police have become the criminals. Some police are using their power to do bad things, and society has come to fear police. The law enforcement system needs a change. The courts have failed the police, and the police have turnt to other means of justice. We must stop the corruption in the police force. By law, the police have the rights to use legitmate force if necessary to make an arrest, maintain order, or keep the peace. Just how much force is approiate under various circumstances can be debatable. When an officer uses excessive force, he or she violates the law. For example, Jerome Skolnick and James fyre define police brutality as a conscious and delibrate action that a police officer undertakes toward suspects who are usally members of a powerless social group for example racial minorities or homosexuals. When police officers receive free drinks, meals and other gratuties, because they are police officers, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they convoy an image of corruption this is their authority just because they are police it doesn’t mean they can have stuff for free its basically people trying to bribe the police so that don’t arrest that person or gives them a quick eye on stuff. There is three distinct catagories for direct criminal activities known as, grass eaters, meat eaters and birds. Grass eaters are characterized as people who may accept bribes or given, but do not ask for them. Secondly, meat eaters, is when officers know of crimes being commited but do not penalize the indiviual as long as they make a cut from the funds. Finally, birds are the type of officers who take advantages of their jobs and allow people to commit crimes as long as the officer gains money or materials. Allegations of ticket fixing have
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