Police Corruption Essay

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Abstract Police corruption is one of the oldest and persistent problems law enforcement agencies face today. Police corruption is the abuse or misuse of authority for personal gain. There are many factors involved that could make an officer throw caution to the wind and abandon his moral and ethical beliefs. Management, education, and work and job related stresses are the major factors of police corruption. This study did not find any data sources as to the extent of police corruption, however after conducting research it was founded that drugs play a major role in police corruption. Also included are several examples of corruption. There have been studies and reports that provide descriptive information of known drug related police corruption in large cities. Findings show that drug related police corruption differs in a variety of ways from other types of police corruption. They range from protecting criminals and ignoring their activities, to conducting illegal acts. Those that are involved in corruption are more likely to be involved in a variety of other crimes such as stealing money and drugs from drug dealers, selling drugs, lying under oath and police brutality. Money is the typical motivation for corruption however, other studies suggest that power and vigilant justice as two other motives. There are many organizations established combat and prevent corruption. The cost associated with corruption is immeasurable. The fallout corruption has on society is devastating. Prevention is the key, “police corruption detracts from the integrity of police and destroys the public’s image of law enforcement” (Hoffman, D, 2000, p. 114). With every instance of police misconduct it destroys the confidence that has taken police centuries to build over night by greed, stupidity poor management and lack of education. “The number of federal, state

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