Police Brutality, Abuse Of Power

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Behind the Power: A Reflection of Police Brutality, Abuse of Power and Crossing the Line The author analyzes national and local cases of what some call police brutality, abuse of power, and corruption—when those wielding the badge cross the thin blue line. No police force in the United States is perfect. Each is marred by corruption, or controversy. History can tell us that there have been prime examples of when police officers were influenced by politicians, the higher class, and their own needs. The current El Paso Police Department is a prime example. A recent slew of investigations by local news stations in the Sun City revealed several “corrupt” cops who had overstepped their boundaries, or had hidden behind their badge to commit crimes. And sometimes, that “thin blue line”, as one officer called it, can divide an entire community— or even a police force. “There will be corruption everywhere you go, but of course it depends on the city that you are in,” Officer Doe said, as he drove through the city. “We are human too. Of course we are going to make mistakes. Officers are the only thing that stand between criminals and the rest of society; and sometimes, police officers give in to temptation, greed, and the pressure of others… that is why we are called the ‘thin blue line.’”…show more content…
The alleged victim, Kendra Steinberg, is said to have been arrested on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge. Cable News Network (CNN) reports that Steinberg describes the arrest as brutal. In the surveillance video from the Fort Dodge police station, police are seen with stun guns drawn, before Steinberg is strapped to a chair and pulled out of the room. Steinberg said police then used pliers to try and pull out her piercing Cable News Network

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