Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality Where Do We Draw The Line? Violence. Through out world violence is an ongoing battle for millions. Among the many types of violence such as gang violence, racial violence, and just plane unpredictable outbursts of brutality, there will always be the cold hard fact that there are some authority figures abusing there power. stretching from the leaders of countries all the way down to local security guards. The most common of type of abusive power holders is the police. Cases of police brutality can be traced back to centuries ago. A very well known case would be the beating of Rodney King in witch the 31 year old African-American was killed, due to unnecessary acts of several police officers. Police violence is an unnecessary act carried out all over the world. How much force is too much? Where should we drawl the line? Police brutality takes it’s tolls world wide. In Nepal when a Maoist supporter is found the standard scenario is the Nepali police barging into homes arresting the supporter so they can beat him/her severely for a few days and then let there family know that they were shot dead in an “encounter” with the police. In the case of fifteen year old Subhadra Sapkota, a dancer from Naubise was performing in Kathmandu to support Maoist rebels was gunned down by the police. Violence caused by the police affects Lucas 2 thousands every year world wide, and the fear of it never ending affects even more, even in countries like Nepal that people would never think of such an act being committed. Justice. Just what does this word mean? the dictionary definition is “the upholding of what is fair, just, and right. A great word for those of us who are fortunate enough to see the meaning of this word enforced

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