Police Bruality Essay

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Tianna Jones Chris Sullivan English 49 December 7, 2014 Police Brutality Police officers are supposed to be a role model for children, so why are there constant incidents of unjust shootings? They are supposed to protect us from any trouble, not cause more trouble. Police officers should not get a second chance or any warnings. It’s saying that it’s okay to do crime because you will get a second chance. The purpose of this essay is to get the readers to understand that police brutality is not okay! It needs to stop, its only making situations worst. Its making a lot of people not feel safe or trust the police. Police officers abuse their powers way to much and get away with it. There are kids out there that play cops and robbers it makes them so happy because they get to put a person in jail like a real cop. In this article I read called “Aloca police officer seen as a positive role model for children” by J.J. Kindered said “ that there was this kid in his neighborhood that told him that he wants to be like a police officer like him one day. This shows how children look up to police officers as if there are super heroes. There are some police officers that affect children who has parents in the law enforcement I read this article called “Children of the badge: The impact of stress on law enforcement children” by Mark Bond said “The law enforcement child will go through many different stages of acceptance of his/her parent's law enforcement job depending on age and cognitive development. Openly communicating with your child is the best approach to helping relieve stress of the unknown. Fear of the unknown and worrying about a parent's safety will affect a law enforcement child at some point.” This quote shows how the child is affect by their parents and they worry if their parent would come home. Some kids can’t sleep at night because they have nightmares
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