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Introduction The article that I have chosen to analyze is Police and Alcohol Use: A Descriptive Analysis and Associations with Stress Outcomes. This article is on the misuse of alcohol by police. It covers police work stressors and stress caused by alcohol use. Purpose The first objective of this study is exam the affects that demographics, job stress, and police culture has on alcohol use by police officers. The second objective is examining the stress that results from alcohol use. The article covered depression, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and life event stress outside of work. Problems The possible problem of the research is causality problem. The researcher has to show the relationship existing between alcohol use of police…show more content…
An example of deductive logic in this article is when the author states that drinking buddies are related to heavy alcohol use and problem use. Inductive logic is when the facts are established prior to a theory. Because officers go to great lengths to protect a fellow officer with a drinking problem, one might theorize that the alcohol consumptions by police officers are related to social interaction with other police officers (Violanti, 2011). Qualitative or Quantitative Design Qualitative research is concepts seen as sensitive ideas or terms that increases our understanding. Quantitative research is concepts that are given numerical values (Hagan, 2010). This study is a quantitative design since a value was given to each response. Means were established as well as p-values to show the difference between men and women. Every section of the study was given a numerical value with which tables were established to reflect the results. Sample and Population The sample was one hundred fifteen police officers from a police department consisting of nine hundred thirty four police officers. These officers were randomly selected with women being over sampled. The police officers were informed that this study was on a voluntary…show more content…
It showed you tables with the results for each section of the study. The sections were Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test, external life events, depressive symptoms, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and demographic information. It does not go into detail as to what questions were asked in each section but gives the mean or values obtained for each section broken into several categories. It would have been nice to see what the questions were and compare my answers to the results given in the tables. After reading the article it almost made it sound as if the author thought most of the drinking done by police officers were because of the police culture. Many citizens have drinking problems and no one blames the company they work for or the culture they are from for it. One possibility is that they had a drinking problem before becoming a police officer. If police officer were the only one who had a drinking problem we would not have as many people driving around with the driving under the influence tags on their

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