Police Accountability Essay

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Accountability Diana Rupert November 21, 2014 Law enforcement officers are held at the highest level of accountability for their actions. This is toward the community, the officers themselves and the police department. (Peak 2012) As soon as a police officer puts on their uniform and badge everything changes. He goes and gets behind the wheel of his cruiser. From here on out till his shift ends every decision he is about to make has to be accountability. An example that an officer ratification on his split second decisions during a pursuit would be that they have to first make sure the public, the officers involved in the chase and the suspect all come out of this unharmed. They have to find a quick and easy way for them to be able to stop this suspect before he does more damage than already has been done. An example of a situation where accountability for an officers actions might affect their decision in enforcing the law would be that if an officer would happened to behind a car and ran their plates to find out the driver has an active bench warrant out in four towns over. The officers pull the car over and as they approach the car they notice it’s a young mother driving the car. They ask for the proper identification and go back to their squad car. The officer knows he should take this young lady to jail because of the warrant. He is afraid of what could happen to that baby of hers. A few minutes he comes back and informs the lady he isn’t going to be taking her in to custody but that she has to get this cleared up. If he sees her again and she still has the warrant he will be taking her to jail. Knowing well that he should be handcuffing her and taking her to jail so the county that the warrant is out off can come pick her up. So, they can take care of this matter with the lady. Reference Peak, K (2012) Policing America
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