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POLICE POWERS Name:___Jack National Diploma in Uniformed Public Services Now that we have run through the law relating to stop and search, answer the following questions: Under what can a police officer stop and search a person? (Refer to the relevant law) A police officer can stop and search a person under section 1 of PACE 1984 (Police and criminal evidence act 1984) What safeguards are in place to protect the rights of the person being stopped and searched? (Refer to the relevant law) Under section 2, subsection 3 of PACE 1984 it states that the officer must give their name and station and state the reason for their search. Also If a search takes place in public then the police can only request that the suspect removes their outer coat, jacket and gloves. What human rights could be breached here? Article 5 – The right to Liberty Article 8 – The right to Privacy What are reasonable grounds for suspicion? Where did you find this answer? “Reasonable grounds for suspicion depend on the circumstances in each case. There must be an objective basis for that suspicion based on facts information and/or intelligence”. This can be found under code A of the codes of practice Betty has two criminal convictions for arson, but has stayed out of trouble for the past 12 months. Yesterday morning the local community centre went up in flames. Betty lives less than a 5 minute walk from the community centre. Pc Percy and PC Jones see Betty walking past the fire and decide to stop and search her as they suspect that she might have something to do with the fire due to her past actions. Betty later makes a complaint about the stop and search and seeks your legal advice. Using the relevant legislation and codes of practice explain the law to Betty and whether she is right to feel that the stop and search was illegal. Section 1 of PACE 1984

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