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Police officers jobs are not constantly repetitive. They can be faced with a variety of different situations and incidents, which mean’s police officers, should be adaptable at what they do. I will be looking at 4 different scenarios that police could potentially have to deal with and explain how they would go about that situation. Scenario 1: You stop and search a person in Worcester city centre at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, and you find them to be in possession of what you believe to be a class A controlled drug, i.e. cocaine. The person states that they are called Alex Thompson from 1 High Street, Worcester. You believe that all of those details are false. With this scenario my suspicions that this person could be breaking the Law is strong and that I would likely want to look into. I would want to stop and search them because they seem to be acting suspicious. Firstly I have a substance that looks like a class A drug that that person does not want me to have because I may want to carry out an effective investigation on him. If it a Class A he is likely to do whatever it takes to avoid going to jail or fined, so detaining him would be a sensible idea to prevent the person from running. Even though he has given me an address that I could go to if the substance is illegal, I get the idea that these details are false. For this reason I would want to arrest him so that I can see if he is lying and get the correct details. I would arrest him because this case is serious due to having a harmful substance and done without a warrant. I would arrest him without a warrant because if I didn’t use a warrant the suspect can have the time to hide drugs in his house and tell friends who may also be involved. I would want to search the person and identify any partners that may also be involved. This person is likely to have got that drug from someone else or maybe

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