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“You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow.” When most people workout they prefer going to the gym to lift weights, or running on a treadmill. However there is a new fitness trend on the rise; pole fitness. When most people think of pole fitness or dancing on a pole they think of sleazy strippers. This is not the case, in a pole fitness class we use the athletic side of pole and aim for strength. Pole fitness is a productive activity to train your strength and cardio, your self-esteem boost, and increases your emotional health. Pole fitness is a combination of yoga, Pilates, TRX, and gymnastics all combined in one. With this being said there are two different styles of pole fitness. One being known as “Aura Cardio” which is a high energy, easy to learn dance choreography that also incorporates basic strength training pole exercises. Aura cardio can burn up to 800 calories a hour. The other style being strength training, which is great if you are looking to tone your muscles. Many people say “I’m not strong enough” or “I don’t have enough upper body strength”, strength training on the pole will naturally increase and develop. You use your whole body while in a pole class, especially your core muscles. Not only do you tone and develop more muscles, but pole also forces you to increase your balance, coordination, flexibility, posture and range of motion. In both styles you become stronger as you learn to lift and hold your own body weight. The process of learning to invert or climb takes a lot of time, but when you notice your muscles developing and see your self-progressing, you begin to become more confident with yourself. Once you see yourself start to progress your self-esteem boosts. Seeing yourself improve will encourage you to set higher goals for yourself, such as nailing an advanced move, or competing and in a pole competition. Because

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