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Running head: Polarity Management Polarity Focus Paper Kaplan University GM-500 Professor Neely December 21, 2009 I. Polarities and Polarity Management When we talk about polarities we talk about problems that don’t have a solution. We all have this type of problems in our lives, no matter where, home or work. These are issues that no matter how are we analyze them, there is always a downside to the solution. The best way to deal with these issues is not trying to solve them, but managing them. Polarities to manage are sets of opposites which cannot function well independently (Johnson, 1992). Identifying between a problem to solve and a polarity is very important, especially in business. Polarities have 2 or more solutions that are interdependent. The best way is manage polarities is to look at the upside or each solutions and trying to avoid letting the solutions reach their downside. Organizations and leaders that learn to identify between problems and polarities efficiently can enjoy of a good advantage in business. Trying to solve a polarity using problem solving skills could potentially make the problem worse. Some benefits of identifying polarities are: • Ability to identify problems before they arise • Will save time • Will save money • Will improve the way decisions are made II. The Polarity Map To improve the customer service in a large regional health maintenance organization we have to look at the different sides of the problem by using a polarity map. The polarity identified in this case is the Cost and Quality polarity. Polarity Map Focus on Quality Focus on Cost Quality Cost Ffffffff III. Applying Polarity Management

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