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“POLARIS POOL PARTS” Polaris pool cleaners are revolutionary products that are sure to be a big hit in the markets. Customers will always look for products that are durable, has an easy to use set up, excellent features and of course, from a trusted brand manufacturers. Polaris pool parts have a lot of products and versatile parts that is very essential to use in cleaning your precious pools. Take for example this Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner. It has a unique filter bags that gathers debris before it reaches the pump basket or filters. It sweeps, scrubs and vacuums all surfaces in your pool. The relevance of pool parts is that a particular pool cleaner cannot function well without the needed support of the pool parts that will perform all kinds of pool cleaning; from vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and filtering the debris that are floating in the water surface. Here is another Polaris pool part that is called Polaris 380 360 All Purpose Bag 9-100-1014091001014. This bag is made from a standard mesh fabric that picks up all kinds of pool debris like dirt, grimes and residues. This product will fit Polaris 380 360 pool cleaner models. Here’s another Polaris pool cleaner Booster Pump 3/4 HP PB4-60 PB460 that has a powerful and durable magnetic motor with automatic overload protection. This is a quiet running booster pump. It advances the water pressure to the hose that was applied to the Polaris cleaner so that adequate amount of fusion is produced to vacuum the pool. This Polaris pool part is compatible with Polaris 380, 320, 180 models and all other pressure side cleaners. If you want to purchase a booster pump that is soundless like you’ve never had before, this product from Polaris is highly recommended. Other Polaris pool parts products available are Polaris 180 Re-usable Sand Silt Bags that is very useful in trapping sand particles from your pool.

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