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Poland Poland is located in Central Europe (Poland.pl). It is boarderd by; Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany (Poland.pl). The climate in Poland varies. From March to May, the Climate is high to low temperatures. It lasts from May to June. The summer begins in July, the average temperature in Poland is about 72 degrees Farineheight. Autumn begins in September, then cool, humid October. Winter starts in December (Poland.pl). This country has many major rivers. They are the; Vistula River, San River, Warta River and the Oder River (Poland.pl). Some of Poland’s natural resources are; coal, copper, lead, salt, silver, sulfur and zinc (Poland.pl). The area of Poland is 120,728 square miles. Poland’s land area is slightly smaller than New Mexico in the United States. The capital of Poland is Warsaw (Poland.pl). The population of Poland is 38,835,000 (World Book 2002 604). This amazing country is Republic and has a parliament (World Book 202 604). The religion of Christianity reached Poland in A.D. 966 and is still the main religion for the country of Poland (World Book 2002 6045). The Ratusz (City Hall) is located on the Plac Bankowy. The Grand Theatre is located on the Plac Teatranly. The tallest building in Poland is the Palace of Culture (World Book 2002 605). Some main events that occurred to Poland before World War Two are in 1914, World War One started. In the year of 1918, the country of Poland became independent for the first time. In 1921, The Polish Constitution formed (Don’t Believe in Unemployment 17). During World War Two Poland was divided into two pieces, one to Germany the other half to the Soviet Union, this happened in August, 1939. Both Germany and the Soviet Union attacked on September, 17. The poles defended for a month (World Book 2002 605). The axis team was; Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and

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