Pol Pot Essay

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“Pol Pot is very charming… His face, his behaviour is very polite, but he is very, very cruel.” “Pol Pot does not believe in God, but he thinks that heaven, destiny, wants him to guide Cambodia in the way he thinks is best for Cambodia, that is to say, the worst. Pol Pot is mad, you know, like Hitler.” -Norodom Sihanouk “First, I want to tell you that I came to join the revolution, not to kill the Cambodian people.” -Pol Pot Briefly explain how Pol Pot came to power. Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot, was born in 1928 in the Cambodian town of Prek Sbauv was a fervent nationalist who was influenced by the ideologies of the French Communist Party. Paris educated Saloth Sar and his colleagues developed radical political ideals, such as jingoism, xenophobia, and the pursuit of racial purity inside Cambodia. In 1953 Pol Pot joined the Kampuchean Peoples Revolutionary Party (KPRP) and in 1960 he and the “Paris Student Group” gained control of the party, renaming it the Workers Party of Kampuchea (WPK) and turning it away from its Vietnamese patrons. Pot was elected to the number three position is the party’s Central Committee, allowing him to build a strong faction and by 1963 become “Brother Number One”, the highest position in the party. In 1967 insurrection broke out in the west of Cambodia. It was suppressed brutally, but not completely and spread. By the end of 1968, unrest was reported in 11 of the country’s 18 provinces and by the end of the decade the Khmer Rogue completely controlled the mountainous regions on the border of Vietnam. Support for the Khmer Rouge accelerated after the Sihanouk Coup where Lon Nol took control of Cambodia renaming it the Khmer Republic. Khmer Rouge propaganda immediately labelled Lon Nol and the United states as evil because of their role in ousting Cambodia’s former king. Lon Nol’s regime was an asset to
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