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The Poisonwood Bible I. Authorial Background Barbara Kingsolver April 8, 1955 Kentucky Other works include The Bean Trees (1988), Animal Dreams (1990), and Pigs in Heaven (1993) II. Setting Congo villages Early 1960s through the mid 1990s Although European culture had influenced part of African society, villages in the heart of central Africa still retained their tribal values and were led by a chief. Their homes were made of mud and sticks, and they cooked over open flame in whatever they could find to use as a pot. Many adults wore little clothing and many children went completely naked. Women carried baskets and other objects on their heads and had little to no hair. Children suffered malnutrition and, though a family may have had 9 children, many died of disease or hunger. This setting is significant because it emphasizes the differences between the culture that the Price family left and the one they encountered in their new home. This helped shape the lives the family would lead in the future. The setting also shows that American or European influence does not guarantee stability for African political change. III. Characters Ruth May Price Ruth May is the youngest child in the Price family, who believes that the last should be first. “Ruth May appears to be capable of leaping tall buildings with the force of her will.” page 106 Ruth May is opinionated and stubborn. “Ruth May is unwilling to miss out on any kind of spree.” page 22 Ruth May loves to win and is determined to do so no matter what. Leah Price Leah is curious and adventurous. “I think you are a very impatient girl, eager to grow up into an impatient woman.” page 233 Leah is in the beginning devoted to her father and hopes to be more like him. As she realizes his abusive ways are worsening, Leah struggles to form her own opinions of the world.

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