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nse, and I do not need to guess who has what thought inside their mind. I think the supposing, guessing, thinking is part of interesting in the novels, so It is important and critical that what kind of point of view is used in story. In A&P by John Updike, Sammy is a clerk who working in A&P. He is a young man trying to make some money. But the end of the story, he refuses to be stuck in the same job for many years or possibly the rest of his life. One day while working at the store, Sammy notices three girls, who are wearing swim suits because the beach with even bear foot is close walk in store. When the girls reach the register the manager Lengel notices the girls. He walks over to them and argues with them for a moment and then girls leave with shame. Sammy didn’t understand why the manager had such a…show more content…
This story is consisted of point of view as the 1st person and as a hero. I can see, feel only he sees, feels, and thinks. In the story, the main stream is Sammy’s observation the reactions, of the other customers, to the three girls. The one of interesting expression is that “If she’d been born at the right time they would have burned her over in Salem.” (Pg ) Because he talks to himself inside his brain He can express his feeling very frankly and it makes me feels like he explain everything he is going through to me as my friend or me think like I am Sammy himself so it likes I am very close to him or, on his side. I could imagine how he surprised when I read the part he describes the girls. He expressed customers as “sheep” because their just following each other, make lines, however the girls appear to be unique in all aspects such as barefoot and in swim suits. The short story Everyday Use is about life of a black family mother and two daughters. The teller, as I, has two daughters. They are Dee and Maggie. The main point of this story is about they the difference of Maggie and

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