Point of View Essay - 1984 by George Orwell and the Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

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Point of view is the key factor in how a composer manipulates and positions an audience to respond in particular ways. Discuss this statement with reference to your two texts. Point of view is used by an author to manipulate the reader by positioning them into the complex illusion of the novel that they have created. ‘1984’ by George Orwell and ‘The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold feature contrasting points of view, which elicit a different response from the audience. Both authors have successfully used literary techniques, such as narration and use of themes, to strengthen the message their novel is trying to convey and consequently engage and enthrall the reader. Narration is used by an author to illustrate the message the novel is trying to convey through a certain character’s perspective. If used effectively, the audience will be manipulated to feel a certain emotion or be positioned into the context of the novel so the meaning of the novel will be conveyed. 1984 is a novel that was written in 1948 by George Orwell as a warning to the future world about the dangers of a totalitarian society. 1984 features a 3rd person limited narration, through the focal character Winston; a common, insular man who the reader can easily relate to due to his human flaws. The novel is portrayed through his perspective, so the reader forms an instant connection with him as he is the only source of information. At first, the reader is made to feel intrusive in this context and they are desperate to escape this totalitarian world to the sanctuary of normalcy. But as time progresses, the audience becomes more captivated in Winston’s delusional journey, forcing them into the world in which Winston belongs; the unrelatable world of Oceania, where an ominous Big Brother watches the populace’s every movement and everyone lives in isolated, ignorant bliss. As Winston states, “In the
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