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"We just want you to go further than we did. We want whats best for you." My parents have always been a hundred percent behind me, pushing me as much as possible. Not only have i had the both of my parents' support but also my Grandmother's "Memaw", the most influencial woman in my life. My grandmother finished school, and is a retired school teacher. I can say she is a very successfull lady. There is nothing more i would love to achieve than to make my grandmotgher happy. College, to some people, may be a waste of time, but to me college is a word of gold. Without that word how would you get by? What would even be the point of pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school. Why would you go to school your whole life, and just quit before the real thing? While other kids want fame, and fortune what i want most in my life right now is a College degree. I strive for success, and i will not quit no matter the circumstances. I've had community involvement for as long as i can remember. As a young girl i started delivering meals on wheels with mly grandmother to the elderly and i loved the joy it brought to my heart. I was also a junior volunteer "candy striper" at ETMC, where i learned to serve and comfort. Volunteering my Senior year at the food bank gave me a lot of respect for what the community does for the unfortunate, volunteering is always fun for me. Not expecting pay, having fun, meeting new people and the learning experiences are the best. While in high school i was in Band, Track, Cross Country, International Club, Student Senate, FCA, and my senior year even worked two jobs while still focusing on school. Awarded most friendly three years in a row, Nominated for homecoming queen 2012, and won prom queen 2012. High school will be a great memory, but now a new chapter will begin. My dad has always said "write your goals down, have goals." Goals are

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