Point Of View

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Point of View Reflection Point of view is the position a situation is viewed from in a story. Point of view is important to the overall story by giving a reader a chance to relate to one or more characters throughout the story. Point of view gives a reader insight into the decisions that characters make that they may not have had without the perspective point of view offers. One example of how point of view affects a story is found in This is a Book by Demetri Martin, in the chapter The Beesting, where the same situation of a girl being stung by a bee is repeated multiple times in different points of view, going from the girl, to the bee, to the magazine, to the cell phone the girl was talking on, and so forth. With the multiple retellings, point of view takes this short simple story and gives it more detail and insight into what was really going on. Point of view strongly affects the originally third person story of “The Fender Bender”, by giving the basic plot more detail when the story is told in one of the characters perspective. Generally when point of view was added to this story the story lengthened and changed as well. Some examples from the skits done in class was the addition of Sharktopus when done in the taxi driver’s point of view, which drastically changed the story. The story changed again when done in Mrs. Dively’s point of view, who was only present for a few of the events in the story. The Lion King and The Lion King ½ tell the same story, but through different points of views. While The Lion King was told from third person observer perspective, it also followed the story of Mufasa’s son. The Lion King ½ told the same story from Mufasa’s son’s “mentors” Timon and Pumba. Using point of view in The Lion King ½ changed the plot of the story from Mufasa’s son feeling lost and in need of guidance to Timon searching for a new home after being exiled.
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