Point Julia Reflection

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Reflections font, double-spaced. Reflection 1: What impact did the Point Julia Restoration meetings have on you? How important was it for your grandmother to be at the meetings? The Point Julia restoration meeting had an huge impact on me since it directly has a huge impact on my community. It is important to attend these meetings so that these big time companies see the presence of the community members that they are affecting. I was glad that I attended the meeting but not to happy with what was discussed. Pope & Talbet the company that is paying to clean the Port Gamble Bay plans to spend millions of dollars to clean up all areas of the bay EXCEPT for Point Julia which is part of the Port Gamble S'klallam Reservation. This did not make since to me at all. I left feeling like these people had an hidden agenda. I…show more content…
The Port Gamble S'klallam Tribe are also known as the Strong People so I know that if anything like that were to happen we would be able to over come it since we are a strong tribe. Reflection 3: How important was your research project to you? Did it help you know more about your community? My research paper was very important to me since the topic was on the history of my own tribe. It is important to document all the progress that has been made for future references. This is important since it was old documents that helped me with my paper and hopefully my paper could be helpful to anyone in the future. During the process of writing this paper it helped me to learn more about my community. Talking to tribal members and employes helped out a lot too, they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Every person that I had talked to was very glad to see a young member of their community taking their time out to learn the
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