Poetry Reading Essay

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Reading poetry is one of the way how humans can express their feeling. For that, mahima institute held poetry reading competition to celebrate Bulan Bahasa at October with theme is Merayakan Bahasa, Merayakan Cinta. This event itself was held for two days from October 27 and October 28, 2012 in sasana budaya. Poetry reading competition was open for senior high school students, university students also for general public. Mahima institute held such event for the third times in celebrate bulan bahasa, it gained positive responses from all the participants. Some media supported of the event. Poetry reading contest which held mahima institute is one of the prestigious events in Buleleng Regency. Evidently, we could see from many participants whom was participate this event, especially from senior high school students. It was about 124 students from senior high school and about 25 participants from college students and general public, it was become the many participants during the time. As already said before, reading poetry is one of the ways how humans can improve their skills and that was why mahima held poetry reading competition where is in this case mahima institute as a place for the competitors improves their skills in reading poetry. Reading poetry is not only we read the alphabet, word or sentence which is written on the paper, but more than how we feel about the contents of that poetry, because between the readers and the poetry must have unity. Can be said read poetry has different body between the reader and the poetry, but have one soul between them. So, it was here the competitors’ ditantang to show their ability in reading poetry, and mostly, the competitors whom followed that competition was able to read poetry well. peserta tampil dengan gaya yang ekspresif, dinamis dan atraktif. Hampir sebagian peserta telah paham dan menguasai teknik membaca puisi
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