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Miss hard to get (for a good friend) I know that you aint into me in as much as I’m in to you I know I haven’t got what it takes to hold it up to your swagger But I do know that a guy deserves a chance. And the things we think we don’t need And will never need are the things we crave for in life Because we don’t know what the future holds (might bring) Because we don’t have to judge a book by its cover For one thing that is painful is to discover that actually what we are searching for Are the things we threw away. My advice to you though you might not ‘need it’ Is to think twice before you close the door for good For it’s painful to cry for something that you can’t get again in life, If you can do this do what you‘ll never regret and don’t regret what you’ll do! Because I’ve tried every trick in the book And all the formulas seem not to work Because I’m tired of being treated like dirt Being told short painful abashing answers Because a man deserves a break I’m leaving the ball in your court and think of what lies ahead... I know it’s hard, I know because of your pride you won’t I know because of your friends you’ll never But when all your friends are gone at your bedroom all alone Think about what I said ‘Don’t do something you’ll regret and don’t regret something you’ll do!” Because girl a man can’t force a donkey to drink I’m giving up, but before I do let go Let me do the last kicks of a dying horse. Hear me out one more time before I exit your life forever If need be and you change your mind If need be and you come back to your senses This is my number; just call me (0779349648) I hate myself for acting and feeling like this Its painful to love and dream about someone Who don’t even want to see you... I might not be Dr Phil; but this is how I feel Like a leaf without chlorophyll I’ll never be able to photosynthesize without you I need you whether you

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