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Time equals acceptance Poetry… Still has no true definition. With many different meanings worldwide, who is to say what poetry means to one’s self. With this diversify type of writing, sometimes unknown to the poet they write of the same general topic. John Updike “Ex-Basketball Player" and Ronald Justice "Men at Forty" even though written in two different time eras they relate to the same topic of time. Time is inevitable, but what one makes of their time their choice. With time brings memories to help reminisce. Men at Forty by John Updike is a poem of acceptance of time from the start to finish. The speaker envisions is a man in his early forties, with the possibility of a mid-life crisis. For the man lack of acknowledgement of time has surely caught up to him. Now he can only reminisce of what once was. Throughout the poem this man talks with a gloomy voice sadden by reality. For he is learning to just accept life for what it is, grasping the circle of life. The path that all human beings must take from birth till death. The teenage days wishing we were older, however now the tide has flip side an it is the older man wishing he was young. None the less the changes that occurred can not be fear, for this is not a curse, it a gift. With this gift man has also been blessed with wisdom. Regardless he choose to accept time, time will consistently tick away John Updike poem "Ex-Basketball Player" also has a relation to time. The poem is spoken from an old childhood friend or more of a mutual friend. It is clear that this person grew up in the same school era as flick. However they had two different goals on what they would do when high school ended. For this friend acknowledge that in due time sports will just be a memory, as suppose to Flick believing it would be a career. Flick enjoyed the glory as if it would last forever. However once again the tide flip

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