Poetry Essay on the Raven

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Poetry Essay: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe Throughout time many poets have tried to copy the sad, depressing, and melancholy tone that Edgar Allen Poe had produced. One specific poem portrays the amazing genius that Poe had when writing his poems. That poem was called “the Raven” and it was written around 1845 this poem is no exception, and inside this poem are many symbols of Edgar Allen Poe’s life and how people during Edgar Allen Poe’s time suffered. The poem, “The Raven,” describes a man who sits in his home reading as he mourns the loss of his wife’s life. Then a knock came at the door and at the window. Once he opened the window a raven flew into the room and landed above the door step. The only thing that the raven did was say “Nevermore.” While the man tried to talk to the bird, he then found himself at a loss since the bird only had been taught that one word. This brought him deeper into a depression since his wife had recently passed and her name was Lenore. Poe background life doesn’t seem much brighter compared to this poem that he wrote. While he did got to school and become educated in his hometown in Virginia. He later married his cousin which forced him to set aside his dreams of being a writer for a while. Although, he became famous later on during his editing career and reached his peak writing career in 1845 when he wrote the poem, “The Raven.” Sadly, after he wrote the poem; his wife had died back in 1847 from the consumption and he then turned to alcoholism and became depressed. Many times he tried to remarry but, could never follow through. Also, he tried to kill himself many times because of the loss of his wife. Eventually he died in 1849 he died of a death that couldn’t be determined. One of the main symbols throughout the poem was the symbol of the raven. The raven obviously is a dark creature that usually represents to sadness
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