Poetry Domestic Abuse Essay

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I told you I don't love you anymore and you refused to take me home Even though I begged, even though I cried For four hours straight, Your roommate and his girlfriend, newly engaged, tried to quieten me down, offered hugs and solace, pleaded with you to take me home I felt horrible, that the rotting stench of our dead love was creeping through the vents into their home 'Promise me that we'd never turn out like that', The boy says to the girl while I'm in the bathroom, cleaning the dry mucus from my cheek. I pour water into the bath and try to drown myself, I'm unsure of why I keep getting up and gasping for air Messing up my weave It begins to smell, worse than my vagina does after you come in it So I unlatch it from my roots and continue The attempts to drown myself I come out from the bath and stop myself from crying Because I ask myself What exactly is making you cry? Because he's cheating once again? Because he's the only taste you've ever had in your mouth Or because this time he's leaving you for the girl He didn't want to admit it But he said it with his eyes And you thought of the years of love you've given to him The parts of yourself you've tucked away The dreams you delayed because his came first The infant you put to rest because he wasn't ready At some point, I am happy I'm not a mother Imagine breaking yourself in half to give life And now, weeping for someone not worthy of your love It does not seem like two sides of the same coin Two sides of the same woman I step out Unconquerable Because I am woman I start banging on your locked door, Kicked and punched so damn hard I goddamn near broke your door handle You come out, raged Slapped me and threw me to the other end of the room, My legs and ass hit the floor so hard I grabbed the vase and threw it at your face You duck and kick my face Wait for me to get

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