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Relatable Love Love is a complex feeling that is experienced in many different forms. There is no one definition of love since, it is felt differently by each individual. The poem “Love Song” is a sequence of “what if” scenarios in which the poet sets his love for the woman in an assortment of settings, showing how he would alter himself in each of them. The essential message is that no matter what the woman might like or be, the poet would become it or make himself complementary to it. The poem “I like my body when it is with yours” is expressing the thrill of having a new love and the physicality of a new loving relationship. The poem is about sex, but not just about sex; it is also about the two individuals joining and becoming one with each other. When comparing the two poems, “Love Song” by Joseph Brodsky and “I like my body when it is with yours” By E.E Cummings, “Love Song” expresses the childish and possessive side of love while; E.E Cumming’s poem portrays an adult relationship in a much more deep and emotional level. Joseph Brodsky ‘s poem tends to come off childish and possessive. In the first stanza the poet writes, “If you were downing, I’d come to the rescue.” (Brodsky 1) When at first glance this statement seems sweet and innocent, it makes the reader believe all he wants is to be her protector but, when further developed the reader gets the idea that he is trying to make her believe that she is weak and helpless without him. It is even stated that she will be wrapped in his blanket. By making it known who’s blanket was being used shows ownership and possibly consumption. Another “what if” statement in the poem is, “If I were a sheriff, Id arrest you and keep you in the cell under lock and key”. (Brodsky 3-4) It appears that he wants to keep her all to himself and keep her away from the world. It also shows the dominance he feels he has, since he

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