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"Three Flower Petals" by Archibald Lampman speaks on how all people should appreciate the little things in life more. Three Flower Petals is a first hand account of Lampman where he is walking through an area filled with cow's pastures and appears to be fall, when he comes across a little girl laying on a step with a sunflower. The little girl is using the sunflower as shade from the sun while laughing and having a good time. The girl see's Lampman and decides that she would liek to share three of the flower petals with him as he might enjoy it as much as she does. n "Three Flower Petals" one gets the feeling of being a child again; not having a care in the world and finding joy in the simplest of things. Beauty is subjecct to the child's innocence. It shows that living for the moment increases one's awareness of things around them and not to worry about everything out of their control. In addition to this, the child wanting to share her flower with a stranger shows kindness to one's neighbour. Enjoyment can come out of sharing something someone loves with another so that one another can share their happiness together. It is the message of loving thy neighbour in addition to paying attention to the small things in life tht the author is conveying to the reader. The poem appears to use a rhyme scheme. For example the first and third lines of the poem end in apart and heart respectively, much like the fifth and seventh lines end in might and white. This type of rhyme scheme appears to be a masculine rhyme. The author uses symbolism in the form of "The gold-rimmed face of a sunflower" to show his value of the memory being that it is rare carries as much value to him as gold would. Lampmans use of similies shows his feelings being to strong that comparison to something immense and powerful was neccessary; an example of this is "Her eyes like the blue of the sky".

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