Poetry Analysis of Nevertheless

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-######### ########## HSE P.08 12/7/11 A Deeper Meaning in “Never the Less” Poems present stories or sentences that are meant to tell a story with clear images and rhythm. They also present literary features that symbolize something greater. The literary features of simile, juxtaposition, and hyperbole symbolize that nature is complex in the poem, “Nevertheless” by Marianne Moore. The author uses simile to symbolize that nature is complex. The author compares apple seeds to hazelnuts writing, “What better food/ than apple seeds-The fruit/ within the fruit-locked in/ like counter-curved twin/ hazelnuts?” (8-10). This quote compares two simple apple seeds to ‘counter-curved twin hazelnuts’. It explains the likeness of an apple and two hazelnuts.This is saying that an apple is as intricate as two hazelnuts. They are both seeds, and eventually grow into something greater. This also shows how something small can lead to something great. The author not only uses simile to symbolize the complexity of nature, juxtaposition is also used. The author places frozen ground and flourishing roots together writing, “Frost that kills/ the little rubber-plant-/ leaves of the kok-sagyyz-stalks, can’t/ harm the roots; they still grow/ in frozen ground,” (10-14). Death and life are placed together to show that even surrounded by cold ground in which everything else is dead, the roots of the kok-sagyyz flourish and grow. Juxtaposition is present because it places death and cold next to growth and life. Ideas, although distinctly different, work together to emphasize life surviving despite death surrounding it. Even in harsh conditions nature finds a way to survive and flourish. Therefore nature is intricate and connected because it was created by God. Nature finds ways to solve problems and endure through hard conditions and settings. Moore uses hyperbole as well as
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