Poetry Analysis Essay

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Poetry is one of the greatest forms of literature arts, it is a great and creative way of self expression, telling stories, and also a variety of ways to connect with the readers. Paul Laurence Dunbar is a poet, well known to be one of the first influential black poets in American literature. His most popular times were in the beginning of the 20th century. Not only is Paul Laurence Dunbar known for writing poems, but also for writing novels, short stories, and essays. Some of his famous work consists of Majors and Minors, Lyrics of Love and Laughter, and The Uncalled. He also wrote “The Paradox” in the late 19th century/early 20th century. Paul Laurence Dunbar uses metaphors, personification, rhyme and rhythm, paradox, and antithesis to compare and contrast to symbolize the viewpoint from the eyes of war, in “The Paradox”. “The Paradox” can be interpreted into a poem written in the personified eyes of war. A literary element that is commonly used in poetry, is personification, giving a non-living things human characteristics. “I am” is used consistently to show self features and to demonstrate wars’ point of views of itself, as if war was speaking about themselves. The phrase “I am” is used 8 times, when talking about self characteristics. One of many examples would be in the first stanza, “I am the ender of grief”. Not only does “The Paradox”, use personification for characteristics, but also for actions. This is demonstrated in the last quatrant, “I’ll guide thy footsteps and lead thee” and many more areas in the poem. Another common literary element in poetry is the use of metaphors, a figure of speech where a subject is described in resemblance to an unrelated object or thing, without the use of comparative words. Metaphors tend to give poems a deeper meaning or a hidden message, and it also allows the readers a chance to explore beneath the surface,
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