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Sunmin Lee ENG180 TTh: 2-3:15 Professor Graham Thomas 02/07/15 Response to Death of salesman After I read this text, I want to focus on honesty. -BIFF- "I was on the move." Biff doesn't contact to Linda and Willy for three months; he doesn't have an address. At first, Biff tells everyone that "[he] was on the move". However, this is untrue. He was in jail for those three months because he stole a suit in Kansas City. The reason he lies is that Willy builds him up and expects so much from Biff that he can't let Willy down. Willy always believes Biff to be successful and loved by everyone. Anyhow, the truth is that Biff was scared to break his father's pride and expectations so he acted like a good son, which only led to a broken relationship and lies and deceptions. -HAPPY- "I'm going to get married, Mom. I wanted to tell you." Happy is somehow neglected by his parents because Willy expects so much from Biff. This is why Happy seeks attention from his parents so much. Happy is desperate for love and care so he lies to his parents about almost everything. He says that he is getting married though he is a womanizer. He can't get married because he himself knows that he will be unfaithful to his wife. Also, he encourages Biff to lie to Willy just to make their father feel better. Because Happy is hungry for attention from his parents and wants appreciation, he exaggerates everything he does. -LINDA- "And the boys, Willy. Few men are idolized by their children the way you are" Linda is the one who builds Willy up, no matter how mentally ill he is. She always encourages Willy, making him have false pride. Biff and Happy don’t have respect for their father at all. Instead, they think of Willy as an ignorant and selfish fool. Linda knows what boys think. However, she still faithfully loves her husband and doesn’t stop loving and being nice to him, even

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