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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- NOVEMBER 2013 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- UEN31 - POETRY Time: Three Hours Maximum: 75 marks SECTION A – (10X2=20 marks) Answer ALL the questions. Each answer not to exceed 50 words. 1. “Golden lads and girls all must, / As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.” – Explain. 2. Comment on the speaker’s attitude to dull sublunary lovers in Donne’s A Valediction. 3. What convention of pastoral poetry is invoked in the opening of Lycidas? 4. What is the broad theme of Paradise Lost? 5. How does Wordsworth begin the poem, Lucy Gray? 6. Mention Keats’ observation on the lovers engraved on the Urn? 7. Briefly mention the mythological background of Ulysses. 8. To whom does the Duke introduce his last Duchess? What is the occasion? 9. What type of poem is T.S.Eliot’s Sweeney among the Nightingales? 10. What is a Windhover? Why is it called so? SECTION B – (5X5=25 marks) Answer ALL the questions. Each answer not to exceed 200 words. 11. (a) Consider A Requiem as a funeral song. Or (b) Consider Donne’s A Valediction as a metaphysical poem. 12. (a) What are the characteristic features of a pastoral elegy? Or (b) Explain the significance of the prescribed section from Paradise Lost. 13. (a) Why does the poet call Lucy Gray as “the solitary child”? Or (b) How does Keats address the Urn? Elaborate. 14. (a) Summarise the meaning of Section LIV in In Memoriam? Or (b) Explain the circumstances that led to the death of My Last Duchess? 15. (a) Comment on the pessimistic worldview in Sweeney Among the Nightingales. Or (b) Bring out the religious allusions in The Windhover. SECTION C

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