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Poetry Essay

  • Submitted by: chenww2
  • on May 22, 2014
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    In this poem, Moore tried to make sense of poetry’s meaning. She mentioned the importance and uselessness of poetry to a person. It is hard for me to find a theme, maybe is dissatisfaction, maybe the nature of people. She pointed out that poem always has its problems and they are not always fun to read. She mentioned that there was a kind of poetry that was neither honest nor sincere but its obscurity gave the life force and wisdom to this poem.
      I think there is no exactly meter and rhythm because different lines have different syllables. Also Moore broke the lines very strangely. For example, she broke the second line at “in” and left the lonely “it” at the beginning of the third line. It seemed a little arbitrary and even clumsy. What we hear more frequently in this poem can be the word of “it” at the end of several phrases such as “dislike it,” “reading it,” “contempt for it.” However, the intervals are irregular, so I think it cannot be a kind of thyme scheme.
      She has a special writing style in this poem according to the some lines in her “poetry”. She wrote, “Hands that can grasp, eyes that can dilate, hair that can rise…” And another example is, “elephants pushing, a wild horse taking a roll, a tireless wolf under a tree…” These were all her imaginations. There are also other poetic elements in this poem as well as images. The most parts in this poem seem to be slightly melancholy. At the end of this poem, she also showed her desire of being “genuine” again.

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