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The layouts of both poems had a lot of differences and thus lead way to different interpretations, because of certain elements that exist within the poems. For example with the use of rhetorical questions on ‘The Tyger’ which leads way to a more questions and thus complicates the poem further and leads to more interpretation. Both poems are strong in imagery and allow the reader to picture and envision certain feelings to the reader and leads also to further interpretation. Both poems were deep and meaningful in many ways such as sadness versus the beginning of the world and two good poems that allow for comparing and contrasting at many levels. When looking at the styles of poems, ‘Rain’ by Hone Tuwhare is written less structured, whereas the poem ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake is much more structured. By this, I mean ‘Rain’ is a poem written in free verse, it’s written in a very creative and informative way and connects the reader better on an emotional level, it gives the reader a way to picture the information in the poem, and creates an imagery, each stanza is different, different the way that the senses in each stanza are smoothly transitioning to each sense ‘I can hear you’ ‘if I were blind,’ this creates an imagery and an emotional value. In contrast the poem ‘The Tyger’ is a lot more structured. It has 6 quatrains in rhymed couplets. The meter is regular and rhythmic, with this rhyme the beat is hammering and the neat simplicity all contributes to the articulation of the single, central idea, it also has a lot of rhetorical questions and it makes you question all the moments ‘but if I should not hear smell or feel or see you You would still define me disperse me wash over me rain’ In comparing the meaning of the headings, the translation of both can be seen very different. The words are very much seen as opposites to say the least in

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