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Allieration * He recurrence of he same leer or sound a the beginning of wo or more words in close succession * Eg: lake water lapping * Bearded bear Anticlimax * A trival conclusion to something impressive, especially where a climax was expected * Eg: I looked up: a Greek god * Long black hair, * And dark brown eyes, * Perfec nose, Antithesis * Words or sentences are strongly contrasted or balanced against each other in order to stress an idea; antithesis forces home the contrast. Apostrophe * A person (often dead or absent) or a thing (often personified) is directly addressed. * Eg: Jo’burgs – Johannesburg Assonance * Two or more words near each other contain the same rhyming vowel sound. * Bearded bear has fair hair Euphemism * The writer softens a hash word or expression * Eg: We have very quite neighbours, if you neigours is in the cemetery Hyperbole * The use of exaggeration for the sake of making a deeper impression. * I’ve cried a ocean of tears, tell you a million times already Inversion * Changing the order of words in a sentence * Patience, you must have Lyric Poetry * Poetry resembling a song: subjective, emotional, and written in an metre originally meant to be sung Metaphor (Greeg - to transfer or carry over) * One thing is compared to another, but the words that indicate comparison (like, as) are avoided. The writer speaks of the two things as one and transfer the attribute of one thing for another * Lil you are a fat cow Onomatopoeia * The sound made by a thing is imitated by the words used * Houling wind, sizzling bacon Oxymoron * A statement in which opposite words and ideas are associated * Biggest small cup / scream silently / sweet sorrow Pathos * That quality in an event which fills the reader with pity.

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