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Neutral Tones written by Thomas Hardy What is the poem about? The first poem I have study is Neutral Tones written by Thomas Hardy.Thomas Hardy has left this poem for his readers to suggest in many different ways and ideas from Neutral Tones, because the idea of bringing poem alive as it already seen “dead.” However the fact that it is called Neutral Tones could maybe suggest that Hardy was going through a point in his life where he felt a rejection in everything. This is because he mention love, religion, life and tries to connote that life itself is going on, and things come and goes in life, but you have to accept it even though as hard as it may seem to accept, God has given us life but to him it feel as if he sees life as dead. Another idea of this poem could also be that Hardy is referring to the afterlife, because he was quite religious from a young age. In the first stanza the poet writes"We stood by a pond that winter day." This line indicates a still quietness, with lack of the movement of life. There is a difference in appearance and movement around a pond in winter and a pond in the midst of summer. This indicates no leaves, and no visible signs of life. The poet is painting a stark and lifeless scene. Another one the poet writes “and the sun was white as though chidden of God” which empathize some could suggest as lifeless, could in fact mean that when you stare at the sun, all you see is white light and it blinds your eyes, and could refer again to destiny also could show that this mean the is an afterlife in similarity to”ash and they were grey.” Because that symbolize death and shortness to life. Another line the poet writes "They had fallen from an Ash, and were gray,"(4) Ash trees are very beautiful hardwood trees, and this line indicates the passing of beauty, and ties in with the dying leaves mentioned in line three. This first stanza

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