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Aurielle Macahilas – October 3, 2012 POETRY AND UTOPIA: In the first paragraph, I was introduced to W.S. Merwin, someone I have not heard of before. I learned that William Stanley Merwin was an American poet who was best known for his poetry about the Vietnam War. I can relate to Simic as he was describing his experience being on the panel without being notified sooner. Although I was never on a panel of any sort, I know what Simic was feeling when he saw that the other panelists were ready with notes and other texts that they were going to use in the discussion. When a teacher tells the class that it is only recommended to prep for a speech or discussion, I usually do not do anything to prep. I am the type of person who will ‘wing it’ and I will not know what to say until it is my turn to speak. However, I do get nervous when I see other people coming to class with everything they are going to say all typed up or written down. I, too, also ended up saying something really short and then just listened to everyone else discuss everything. I kind of agree with Simic when he says that ‘predicting the future of poetry is a total waste of time…’ I am not really sure how predicting the future of poetry can be done or why it is necessary. Poetry is not anything that has a trend to it. When I think of a panel coming together to predict the future of something, the first thing I think of is people predicting the future of our economy. We can look at the past and predict the future because there is a trend and in some sense, there is a formula. The economy can go either one way or another. It can either be good in the future or bad in the future. I feel as if poetry cannot be predicted because there is no good or bad poetry and we can only look at what has been done before. By looking at what has been done before, there are ways for people to develop poetry,

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