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She Walks In Beauty Maranda Green ENG 125 Professor Sha-Shonda Porter January 16, 2012 This poem takes on a rhyming form the content of the poem is about the beauty and gracefulness of a woman. The poem shows his an awareness of how she walks, and her beautiful eyes. Also he speaks of her beauty even though he doesn't know her name i.e. this nameless grace. This poem is very descriptive this element of the poem made it easy to understand it was simple yet eloquent from the beginning of the poem I focused on the poet’s description of this woman. He ended the poem gracefully with description of her heart and mind which I thought was a classy way to end the poem. Sometimes you think of a person and this poem can relate to real life things. I remember seeing a woman so beautiful and thought to myself does she knows this. Sometimes I feel this about myself and when you read the words it puts you in a world of your own and you can’t help but think what if someone thought about you the same way the author thought about the woman. The title of the poem "She Walks in Beauty" is the perfect title for this poem the poet takes the title of the poem and uses his imagination to not only describe her walk but all of her inner and outer beauty. The writer of this poem Lord Byron was a romantic poet and it shows in the romanticism of this poem in lines like “One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impaired the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress. Here he describes this ladies hair as dark as a ravens tress.” (Clugston, Chapter 11) The content of the poem kept me interested I wanted to know more about this woman’s beauty the poet seemed to be expressing strong emotion for this woman whom he was aware of her mental and spiritual sensitivity. Finally this was a great poem the language, rhythm made it an

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