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Poetry has existed for thousands of year. It has been used to teach life lessons, weave tales of woe, and adventures of miraculous heroes. Experiences with poetry include middle school times. The only way for one to release pent up emotions was to write poems. As time passes by, people begin to read them, fame attaches itself to the pages written in blood and hate. Teachers become concerned, yet they cannot look away. The amazement of hate attracts even the most caring of spectacles. Poetry is essential because it has therapeutic properties, helps exercise creativity, and is the sound of life. Therapists and councilors recommend that one writes poetry to release emotions that cannot be expressed in a non-disruptive manner. Taking out one’s emotions on paper diverts the matter out of one’s thoughts and printed in physical form. The words may be harsh, the page may be vile, but it is proven to aid in emotional conflicts. One individual benefit is that the act of writing puts a powerful brake on the torment of endlessly repeating troubled thoughts to which everyone is prone. The therapy of poetic writing has saved many lives. Even the most seemingly hardened, cold people of the world have written to express emotions they normally could not. On occasions, some individuals may find poetry to be relaxing. For example, an alcoholic may write a poem about liquor to sooth the withdrawals. In order to write poetry, one must use creativity. Creativity involves finding a word that rhymes, and make the pattern of the words click together. This exercises the brain and gets one used to rhyming. However a poem does not need to consist of rhyming words, it may be free verse. A free verse is a poem with no true meter or rhyme scheme. Poetry is an art; it is the use of creative thinking in the form of words instead of pictures. Famous people have emerged from

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