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English 110 Spring 2012 Reading and Assignment Schedule for Poetry Essay plus other Important Dates Fri. 4/27 Go over new schedule. Turn in final version of drama essay, two copies. Sign up for grading conference if you wish to have one. If you would prefer not to have a conference but receive your essay back with comments, write that on the copy with your name. If you would only like a grade, that’s all right, too. (Note: since this isn’t Spring Break, I will not be reading all of the essays at once this time, but I will get your essay back to you in time for you to benefit from it before you write your last essay.) For Monday, read chapters 13 and 14 in your textbook, carefully. Mon. 4/30 During class, in small groups, discuss “Abandoned Farmhouse” on p. 1062 and “Stamp Collecting on p. 1087. Read each poem aloud before you discuss it. Try to apply what you learned from the chapters you read for today. Take notes on your discussion, making sure that each person’s name is included on the notes, and turn in the notes before you leave the classroom. For Wednesday, read chapters 15 and 16. Mark poems you’d like to discuss. Wed. 4/3 In small groups, discuss the assigned reading. Read aloud and discuss “This Is Just to Say” on p. 674 and “London” on p. 700. Select other poems that you liked or found difficult. You may also return to earlier poems that you find easier to understand as you learn more about the elements of poetry. Be sure to turn in the notes from your group discussion, with the names of everyone from your group. For Friday, read chapters 17 and18. Choose

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