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IRWLE VOL. 7 No. I January 2011 1 Imagery in the Poetry of Ted Hughes – A study - V.Madhukumar Ted Hughes draws a number of images from external nature and natural things, religious lore, classical learning and cosmic concepts. Apart from religious, cosmic and natural imagery, Hughes also draws images from the world of man: from daily life such as war and domestic life and from the body such as suffering and death. Likewise, animals, myth and folklore and archetypes, serve as source of symbols and objective correlatives of Hughes's own feelings and ideas. Through his nature and animal imagery, Hughes perhaps, attempts to suggest both the malevolent and nurturing aspects of nature and conveys his concept of the primal energies of the natural world that stress the absolute otherness of that world and the relationship between these energies and the divided nature of man. The landscapes together with elements provide in Hughes’s poems the measure of man’s original unity and subsequent separation from the natural world. Description: Nature and its elements can become hostile when man is not in touch with them. Hughes, himself records the value of landscapes in Poetry in the Making as follows: It is only there that the ancient instincts and feelings in which most of our body lives can feel at home on their own ground …..Those pre-historic feelings, satisfactions we are hardly aware of except as a sensation of pleasure…these are like a blood transfusion to us, and in wild surroundings they rise to the surface and refresh us, renew us. (p.76) The imagery of ‘Wind’ (The Hawk in the Rain p.40) records the terror inspired in the observer by the immensity of the natural distances and the violence of the weather in the home country. Here, the ship is compared to a house, and the sea to the crashing woods, the booming hills and the stampeding fields. The house becomes an

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