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Poetry Essay

  • Submitted by: DrSeus728
  • on April 26, 2012
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Journal Entry: Maya Angelou & Anne Sexton
Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise means no matter what is done or said to me, I will overcome it. The poem itself refers to her and it seems to be referring to her as "I." Also she is speaking to the white race "you."   The poem is explains in the message that from the white perspective, whites are superior to blacks. The poem shows the confidence of being black and the insecurity of being white.   Apparently, Maya is black, but she defies history using her proudness to intimidate the white race. The concluding lines of Still I Rise relate to the time where she became a new person.   This poem was an event in her life that also part of a book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. In the book, this took place at the junkyard, where she spent a month sleeping in cars, discovering her new self.   In a way, Maya had a very painful past. In the last stanza of the poem explains about Maya is passing down pride from her ancestors into her new baby. Again, she is surpassing the racist world and overcoming everything.
Maya Angelou has been figured a national celebrity since the reading of her poem, ' On the Pulse of Morning', at President Clinton's inaugural in 1993. Maya's writings have a way of embracing people and successfully state her thoughts and emotions. "Pulse" is a call for hope and opportunity part of our history. Maya Angelou's poem ' On the Pulse of Morning' relates to diversity, change over time, and equality. For example, different race, ethnicity and culture united by nature, dinosaurs’ extinction and ancient Africa or abolishing slavery and the end of discrimination.
Anne Sexton is seen as the modern model of the confessional poet. Aside from her standard themes of depression, isolation, suicide, and despair, her work also encompasses issues specific to women, such as menstruation, abortion, masturbation and adultery.   Her work towards the end of the sixties has been criticized as "preening, lazy and...

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