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"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" is written in 1819 by one of the most important romantic poets John Keats. He takes the title from a medieval French poem by Alain Chartier and it means "The Beautiful Woman Without Pity". It talks about a seductive woman who makes men fall in love with her and then leaves them. This poem is written in form of a ballad which is type of narrative poetry that uses repeated words and phrases, including a refrain, to advance its story. Keats debates the idea of reality versus dream and that both of them have a similar resolution, which is dealing with the world of reality. It is easy to understand the poem if you read it as a narrative. In the first three stanza we have an anonymous speaker who asks a woebegone knight about the reason behind his paleness and loneliness. And In order to describe his paleness he uses a metaphor by comparing his cheeks to a fading rose that is withering very fast, he also compares his sweat to dew. So the knight is sick, pale, sweaty, sad and thin and the anonymous speaker wants to know why? In the next few stanzas the knight becomes the speaker of the poem until the end of it. In the fourth, fifth and sixth stanzas the knight starts narrating the reason behind his misery. He says that he met a very beautiful lady that has a long hair, a graceful foot and a bright eyes, and he compares her to a fairy's child which is ironic because children are innocent but at the end of the poem we will find that she is anything but innocent. However, he falls in love with her. He made her a garland, bracelets and a belt of flower for her waist and then she heaved a sigh of sadness (sweet moan), here we have a paradox, so he put her in his horse in order to satisfy her and she sang a fairy's song and the night passed very quickly. In this three stanzas we notice that the knight is in

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