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THE POETRY The word poetry comes form the greek verb “poiêin” which means “to make, to create”. The poet is the creator ,and the words are the material that he moulds. The precise origins of poetry are unknown, but we know that poetry is a very ancient art which was born as an oral form and accompanied by music and dance. People wrote poetries to express what they thought , what they needed, what they wanted, or to remember events as wars, disasters, births and deaths, battles, festivals. Like other literary works, poetry is made up of words. But why is the poetry different form the prose? A poem differs from the prose because it is written in lines, whose length is decided by the author, and it has a visual form, that is called lay-out, different from the prose and it use a language, which is carefully chosen and arranged. That words or phrases arouse in the reader emotion and associations of ideas which are different from their primary meaning. Poetic language is often rich in figures of speech like : • Assonance = the repetition of the same vowel sound • Alliteration: The repetition of the same initial consonant sound in consecutive words or words which are close together. • Repetition = phrases or lines may be repeated • Onomatopoeia = the use of word whose sound illustrates their meaning • Simile = a comparison between 2 things with a comparison word such as like • Metaphor = comparison between 2 dissimilar things without a comparison word • Oximor = 2words with completely different meaning • Personification = a type of methaphore which attributes to things human characteristics • Run-On line (Enjambement): When a line ends in the middle of a phrase and (the meaning break) comes in the next line. • Repetition and refrain: Phrases or lines may be repeated in the course of a poem to create a musical effect. •

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