Poetic Justice Essay

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"POETIC JUSTICE" Poetic Justice is a short story, written by Diana Appleyard. It is a story of life, poetry and love. About taking choices in your life, and accepting your life as it is. The narrator is remembering her great love Jed Cunningham, as his name appears on her computer screen. A man with his own personality and poetically philosophy of life, a man she never had thought would be communicating on a website for the middle classes. He used to be a person, different from his surroundings; an intelligent person, with such a high intelligence, that no one could form or affect him, he had formed him self. He used to be the person everyone had adored, he was him self, and nothing else. His expectations of life was independent of others attitudes towards life, as educations, jobs and family life, everything was irrelevant for him, it was unoriginal and uninspiring. He lived in his own poetic world, dreaming for a life style as a poet in Ireland. But now he is a loner, thinking back on his old days, where it was a dream being a poet. In his youth he was the one everyone looked up to. He was a typically rebellious young man, with an idea of how the world hanged together. He wouldn't adapt in the definition of the society of wrong and right. I think he liked the attention; his sardonic smile, is a symbol of his well knowing of his popularity. He liked being unique, because it gave him self-confidence, he wasn't one of "the others". He was intelligent and had the time to speculate about things in life, no one had the time to think of. He saw himself as an exceptional person, but still, he was looking up to other poets, he wanted to live a life as them, living the life as a real "poet". Now he is a loner, living on Ireland by the sea, alone. He is still thinking of his love for the narrator, the love that had separated him from his wife. But I think the love is a

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