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Poetic Justice Many of us would not let go of who we are. We do not like the fact that we are getting older, this scares a lot of us to death. Suddenly we have to be grownups and act like one. Another thing we experienced when we were younger was our first love. It would, for many people, be awkward t meet their old boy- or girlfriend again. Time really changes us and we do not always want to do the same thing as others. The short story, Poetic Justice, written by Diana Appleyard, is about a woman who gets a flashback to when she was younger. She is sitting at the computer and sees a familiar name, Jed Cunningham, which is her old boyfriend. Jed is described as an ‘Irish poet’ and a man who is living his dreams to the fullest. He had his own idea on how the world was spinning. When the narrator thinks of him, she remembers him as he used to be back in the days. In Jed’s younger days, he was described as a guy who was not afraid to stand out. Jed was a role model, and an inspiration to the other students, “I mean, he was Jed, Jed who always stood outside the herd, the coolest of the cool with the fashion everyone else followed,” (P. 1. l. 22-24). He had dreams about becoming a poet and travel. The narrator admired Jed and his dreams, but when he left her, she got hurt, “How did it end? She remembered tears, and anger, something being thrown. And him driving off saying she would never see or speak to him again.”(P. 2 l. 58-59). When Jed contacts the narrator, many years later, with “Where are you?” (P. 3 l. 94), she cannot believe that he actually wrote to her. The question he asks is quite interesting, because he is not asking her how she is doing, or how she has been since the last time they were talking together. The narrator thinks about how her life have turned out, and how it would have if she had stayed with Jed. She believes that she has a nice and

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