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YOUR CLOTHES The way I felt of this poem is as though I lost someone close to my heart because of how it is about 2 daughters loosing someone very close to them. Because I knew these poems assigned were death poems, I knew right away it had to do with the clothes being a souvenir of ones death. There were no moments of any thoughts or emotions that changed, the poem was pretty depressing overall throughout the entire thing. The closing moments were very touching and self explanatory, it wasn’t difficult to understand what was meant by it. After reading the poem was pretty sad because it led me to think of someone close to me if I were to ever loose and what I would do with their clothes of their belongings. Personally, with this poem, I right away though about my own actual mom and secondly my husband. I thought about my mom, mainly because the poem was written from 2 daughters to their mom. Secondly my husband, because he is who I live with and share my life with, someone close to me. His clothes sitting next to mine in my closet would be the hardest thing to look at, loose, give away, smell etc. I have never lost anyone close to my heart in that way, however the thoughts of it running through my head terrifies me a lot and really has brought tears to my eyes. The word I would like to analyze to this poem is the word “clothes”. This poem interpreted clothes in a touching way. It is true though when you buy clothes they are written in your name. They are physically yours despite of who wears them. Sometimes no matter how much you wash them, you inner sense stays within them. I first thought of it to be true of anyone. I feel the hardest thing to give up after someone’s death is those person’s belongings and mainly their clothes. To me it’s a remembrance of that individual. Much like their clothes, everything else that belongs to them will always come across. I feel

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