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Tesia Clemons 4/8/11 Reflective Essay I have constructed a poetry scrapbook using three of the poems that I had written during the poetry unit. I picked the poems based on what I thought communicated my ideas the best. After choosing these poems, I further expanded them and altered them to make them even better; adding different, more meaningful words, and compromising them to make them more in comparison to the author from that specific writelike. I revised each poem accordingly to the author of that writelike. In my poem, Standing Tall, I showed many pauses through dropping the rest of the sentence off to the next line. Some of the thoughts weren’t completed until the next line, or even at the end of the stance. The writer of The Lost Sister, Cathy Song, created a more dramatic scene by forcing the reader’s thoughts to stop for a second, and then continue on to the next line; creating more of a dramatic effect, and further more enhancing the ideas she wanted to express through her writing. This particular style of writing can set of different moods, depending on what the writer wants to incorporate in their poem. My second poem, Unstoppable, is a writelike to mimic the style of E. E. Cummings poem, look at this). I imitated his specific style by being sure not to use any punctuation, and having many run-on lines. By using this method of writing, the reader is forced to really focus on what the writer is trying to communicate in his/her words. While writing this poem, I felt as if I was blurting out words randomly; as if stopping to take a breath in between the short lines. In this case, I thought that the confusing style mad effort a better poem. It added more intensity into the poem. Unstoppable is about a swim meet and when one is swimming an

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