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11/14/2013 Critical Essay 2 Moving forward Yet Holding On In poetry, there is always a particular message the poet is trying to convey, that provides a sense of awareness to the reader. Jane Hirshfield, author of “Poetry and Uncertainty” describes that “poetry often enacts a recovery of wholeness of emotion and metaphysical balance whether in an individual or culture.” Certain poems are meant to speak to a specific audience, one who is able to share in the experiences of the speaker. Damaso Alonzo, (qtd. in Andrew P. Debicki) describes that “Poetry, in a word reaches beyond the immediate in order to capture and preserve for all time a more essential view of the human condition”. In the poem “Go On”, written by Lisa Zaran, the female speaker describes a life, though relatable to all women, is one that is particular to her. She understands that life is a continuous cycle that forces her to move forward, however she discovers that there are still moments worth holding on to. To begin with, the speakers’ melancholy tone suggests a particular tolerance that she has acquired from her experiences as a women. Her composed attitude toward situations that would typically warrant the attention of other women, suggest she has become immune to the troubles that she have come know all too well. She makes reference to the lack of concern she has received by the very person who is supposed to love her the most when she says, “whenever you cry/ husbands roll their eyes” (lines7-8). She explains the everyday struggle of trying to meet the standards of society by saying, “Eat. Don’t eat. Get fat/ Get skinny. Go on” (21-22), She handles rejection by forcing herself to think otherwise when she replies, “He loved you, at least you think so/ Go on” (13-14), and she even gives herself permission to be a bit rebellious when she decides to “Drink. Smoke, [and] do drugs/ Go on”

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