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Goodbye Golden Eye Poetry Analysis #1 Katlyn Carter May Swenson’s poem, definitely exposed to me how the world is destroying the natural beauty of nature. It made me realize that nature is beautiful, and our world today is destroying it day by day with construction and pollution that we cause. All the author really wants is show the world through her words how much destroying a simple bay in this case takes the little things out and it makes a huge impact. destroying the beautiful and peaceful spot the could be described as “golden” in the eye of the animals, and by abolishing it saying goodbye to it. In this first several lines, giving the audience an image of the kite knotted up in the cables that run through what once was a peaceful spot for not only wildlife animals but as well people when possibly wanting to get away from the city life. The kite had been tangled up in trees until the wind came around broke it out free and the strong kite line that had stayed strong so long snapped and whirled around the wires and become knotted…nature wondering how long it with last on the wires. Swenson here is trying to get at is it isn’t the kite that’s a major factor in the poem… it’s the fact the not knowing how long something is going to last. Ms. Swenson then gives her audience an image of the construction crews coming in and the trucks full of supplies to start building. As a result of this, the herring gulls and their young were not on the bay side that year like they always were, with the young ones happily waiting for food at shore. Then to have the gulls not show up has another big impact just like the kite, is a major yet minor event to saying goodbye part of nature. Unlike the kite the gulls how us how one missing thing can makes the beauty slowly disappear. Half way through the poem the poets description to their audience of what the once

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