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Clashes and Collisions Explore the ways poets present their attitude towards conflict. You should refer to the poem below and two poems below and two poems from the Clashes and Collisions collection. -Family Affairs - The clash games - Cousin Kate THE DIFFERENT WAYS CONFLICT IS PRESENTED. Conflict is presented in different ways that exists in the three different poems; Family Affairs, The Clash Games and Cousin Kate. Primarily the poet explores family conflict whereby the tense relationships, which will never heal in which the writer concludes by using the graphic comparison to veins severed by swords, reinforcing this idea. The clash games also refers The clash games : The narrator is angry at people who judge her because of her class and the way she speaks. The poem is a humorous look at class stereotyping. The narrator is proud of her class. Proud of her identity and class “proud of the class that I come from” she is not very well off. “me second hand clothes”/ “live in a corpy” she feels people judge her. “wince when you hear…” “crook me little finger when I drink me tea?” She thinks the higher classes are pretentious. 0 Effect of the rhyme in the poem? Gives the poem an upbeat feel to help show that the narrator will not be downtrodden. It also highlights the questions – showing that she is standing up for herself. Slang used “bog”, “belly” Reflects the way the narrator speaks; she is proud of how she speaks Dialect used “A cleaner is me mother” “A docker is me brother” Again, this adds to the poet’s pride in her identity and Liverpool roots SPECIFIC EXAMPLES OF CONFLICT. - FA:Quarrels are now as fussy women... nature of their conflict: Its constant, and agrivated yet not a “blaze” connotations of the word... connotes to fire and anger etc. - In the same way this one talks about conflict in -

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